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Re: Did this music mogul think I talented even though its not my field?

Originally Posted by tranceplay View Post
Buy mouthwash.

You'll need it.

as if I dont have anything better to do in life than come on a site and make up a story for strangers and even post a horary chart.

for your information I am an artist,just an actress,and for your information, I am wearing my parents money thin because so much money goes into acting,dancing,singing classes, speech classes, my own trainings etc. and I would really use someone who is already in that world to kind of push me. not that I dont find people,its just not anyone of this type though.

note to you, Im not from the US and singing abilities here dont really even matter but thats pass the point.


to me the combustion would be that I fell powerless or as I am told, Venus feels starstruck. The issue is if that person is a peregrine malefic which would be Mars. I dont realy like seeing anyone as a peregrine maelfic becuase they are more inclined to do ill than good,not to mention that malefic happens to be in the 9th house,and I did talk about ,when I was active here, about my dancing scholarship to go to the United States ,so it kind of suggests that, maybe Mars would like to take Venus outside of her country but that would be a horrible idea due to the fact the South Node is in the 9th house....I am worried,because what a peregrine malefic has to offer isnt good or its intentions are not its a Mars with Mercury in Leo infuence,which is descriptive of someone very dominant,bossy,wants his way,forceful..... I dont know his personality,I dont really see him as someone forceful he just looks really controlled but I could be wrong. I wouldnt go so far as to say I have hopes,although I would like to do something creative wise with hm,even though,I admit, he would be the last person I would have thought of ever doing something with. I dont really like his music although I like his recod company and the type of artists they hire-unconventional,dfferent,so I like him in that sense, but in a muscial sense number one I do not sing professionally,and number two I dont like his music. Out fo all people, even if I envisioned myself as a singer he would have been the least one Id expect to even speak to,but lome and behold what can come out when someone calls you to help with a stage at an event.

I guess as a combusted Venus in Cancer I am the pasive side so, note that I am ruled by Moon in Aries square to me...any thought on that,is it even important here?

when I interpret relationship horaries Mars in Gemini is almost always someone angry and pissed off,who is likely to behave in a disruptive way...It kind of makes me iffy regards of any contact. Especially since the horary screams that he is very arrogant ,forcefull and likes it his way or the high way-might be too much for a Cancer Venus to handle.
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