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Re: Amelia's plane vs. MH370 plane time/event charts

Here's a photo from my high school senior year yearbook, Spring 1971. This photo of Amelia's grand niece, Marguerite, would likely of been taken in September or October of 1970. The yearbook staff decision to use a matte sepia coloured paper for the yearbook pages has been one of the disappointments of my high school experience. The really "dropped the ball" on that one. Some of the profile photos are nearly indiscernible because of it. Marguerite's, however, didn't turn out too badly.

I can see a family resemblance and she apparently tried to affect an "Amelia look" too, as one can see by Her choice of hairstyle.
I didn't learn of Her blood relationship until the Spring of '71 despite having been attending the same schools since 1965. She was not the type that bragged or ever even spoke much, period. In fact the day our teacher, Mrs. Hon, asked Her if she was by any chance related I heard Marguerite speak more in reply than I had heard from her in all the previous six years in total.

I was a bit taken aback to find by her speaking that day to be of far more intelligence than I had ever had assumed and quite eloquent.
As I already wrote, and you can now see for yourselves, she was/is a rather "handsome" looking woman. I'm sorry, but I don't her birth date and have nothing to share astrologically about her..
I am assuming that it is permissible to post Her photo as these yearbooks are accessible by the general public and so many photos taken from them have been posted on the internet. I figure that as long as no personal data or sensitive info is posted it's "all good".

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