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Re: Amelia's plane vs. MH370 plane time/event charts

I attended the same jr. high and high school with Amelia's great niece, she was in my graduating class. I haven't seen her in about 30 years, not since the last time I attended a class reunion but I just wanted to say that the resemblance leaves one without any doubts as to her relation and that she was a most sports oriented girl when she was in school has made me wonder for many years as to whether that was the result of genetics or natal astrology.
Too bad I don't have the nieces birth data. I can say for certain that the niece was very, very, likely to have been born the same year as I was, 1953.

It may also be of interest, to some, as to the sexual orientation of the niece... and I hope I don't have to come out and spell it?

I will add that the niece is a nice gal, at least she was back in school days, and a rather "handsome" gal at that.
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