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Re: Vertex on Composite Descendant - Meant to be?

Funny that you brought this up as I recently underwent an awkward friends/more-than-friends/who-knows predicament with this placement. The only thing is, the composite vertex is conjunct the desc. by 6 degrees, so not sure if that counts, but here I go

We've been friends for years now (comp sun/merc 11th house) I left school for awhile but eventually returned and we became even closer friends, spent all of our time together. I always liked him, finally confessed in the last month of school, he said he felt the same, we hooked up, which was fine, but then the communication was off (he is very awkward with relationships, isn't just me), hooked up again, he messaged me maybe once more after this and we never spoke again after that. He seemed to be a different person than the person I knew before by the end of our relationship (and I don't think this was my own effect on him), which is why I've made no effort to contact him or make amends.

I didn't mean to be so fatalistic, I will be curious to see if we ever speak again, just because of what you mentioned about the vertex/desc conj. Also, don't worry people, I'm not predicting this sort of turnout for anyone else with this placement. We have our own unique midpoint chart, with chiron exact on the asc (which I imagine doesn't bode well) with venus close to it.
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