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Re: I really need help

Originally Posted by muchacho View Post
7th (spouse) in Capricorn and so your ruler of your 7th is Saturn, which means you make up your mind rather late (after 30-35) about marriage and you gain self-confidence in the relationship area not before around that age. However, once you're past 30, the houses that Saturn rules see slow but lasting manifestations. Saturn as ruler of 7th also indicates that you prefer a mate that is older and more seasoned/acomplished than you.
Saturn ruling the 7th could indicate all that, but not always. It could just as easily mean an insistence on equality in relationships, or a very strong need for boundaries in a relationship... or all of those things.

I would guess that the desire for an older, and possibly more accomplished, partner is true in this case because the you (OP) have Saturn at the midheaven. That may very well play out as being attracted to people who are "above" you in some sense--have more power, higher social status, etc.--and since this is Saturn, it would be the kind of power and social status that comes with age.

Also, you mentioned that your current love interest is "a married man." You are in your early twenties (judging from the positions of your generational planets), and married men are usually older than that. Coupled with your Saturn placement, I would guess that he is above you in some sense... is he your boss, by any chance, or your professor? Seventh house ruler on the midheaven could also indicate meeting your partner through work, which would make him being your boss fit the picture neatly.

However, none of this guarantees that you won't marry until much later. It could happen that way, but if it does, it might be because you don't really want to marry young. Seventh house Capricorn can and often does manifest as a need for stability and commitment in relationships, along with being comfortable with long periods of singlehood. You're probably not the kind of person who feels they absolutely must be in a relationship at all times. Those factors can lead to a later marriage, simply because the desire for an earlier marriage isn't present, or the right conditions aren't present, or both.

As for having children, there are various factors that various astrologers interpret as difficulty conceiving, or no children ever, or, conversely, you will have many children. But astrologers disagree on what those factors are, and none of those interpretations hold up across the board. Some people with charts considered highly fertile never have children. Some people who astrologers say will never have children do in fact have them.
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