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Re: I really need help

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Hi. I'm at very difficult point in my life. I'm the type of person who worries too much about everything and it is very difficult to live like that. I somehow managed to deal with that, but lately that became very difficult and I feen very depressed.
I haven't been in love relationship for longer period of time. I am in love with married man, and I know that is not going to happen anything between us (and I would never try anything because he is happily married), but I cant stop thinking about him and it makes me very, very sad that we cant be together.
This is only love experience (if I can call it like that) that I had in several years. A long time ago one man, looked at my chart and said that I have very difficult chart for love life, and if I ever get married (or find partner for life) it would be very late in my life, and in his interpretation he said that I would never have kids. I was much younger then, so I didn't care a lot about what he said, but now it is very important to me. I am very emotional person and it is very difficult to think that i would never have kids, or serious relationship. Could someone please look at my chart and try to explaine my love and family life to me. It is very, very important to me. Thank you.
7th (spouse) in Capricorn and so your ruler of your 7th is Saturn, which means you make up your mind rather late (after 30-35) about marriage and you gain self-confidence in the relationship area not before around that age. However, once you're past 30, the houses that Saturn rules see slow but lasting manifestations. Saturn as ruler of 7th also indicates that you prefer a mate that is older and more seasoned/acomplished than you.
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