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Re: I really need help

i'm only a beginner, lots of trines!

venus in leo with jupiter and pluto in scorpio (and sag moon trining venus) ... i could see you being "forward" or "adventurous" about a relationship that might be off colour, yet still "feels right". i had an old friend in a marriage contact me once, and though the friendship was strong, it feels *good* to firmly call it off limits. this may relieve some of the sense of suffering, which i think is connected to desire.

as said, i'm new at this.. sun and mercury in cancer, it may actually be comforting i suppose, to retreat to a more defensive position. with taurus mars being opposed by scorpio pluto, the challenge of the life may be to establish solid foundations for your passions (but the adventurous moon squares with saturn in pisces which may pull you into constantly wondering if it is right to do something that is taboo).

with chiron in virgo, i'd think the path to progress may be in being prudent. i'd say, take a deep breath, and resolve, firmly within yourself that the passion and pleasure and promise this relationship offers is something that would be grievous.. if you had a family, and someone did the same to you, all the sentiment would be the other way. your sun and mercury are in the 12th house, so perhaps tap into those spiritual, karmic feelings and accept the denial for the chance at something better. it would be hard to move forward to something new until you stop trying to move the one way.

if you worry, and if there is a karmic weight, the thought might keep trying to sneak back in. it's a trial and the process can begin to bring joy as a result of betterment. all the beauty of family life would be bitter if built on a poor foundation.

i see this as cancer, defensive and protective, the phase after the schizophrenia of gemini and before the assertiveness of strong leo. the first lesson has been learned, regrouping for more growth. be kind, and be receptive to kindness in turn?

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