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Re: I really need help

Your seventh lord is Saturn. Saturn is on your Midheaven making a square to your ascendant lord, Moon. Moon is situated in a difficult house.

For a spouse in a females chart I also look at these two planets:

Mars could indicate short-term relationships.

Mars is in the eleventh house opposed by your NN and Pluto in the 5th.
That means that it's also conjunct your South Node, so you might attract relationships that feel karmic in nature.

Jupiter could indicate long-term relationships.

Jupiter is in the fifth house making a trine to your Sun in the 12th house and also your seventh lord (Saturn). Your Sun is at 0 degrees.

Start to develop that Sun, the more you uncover your own identity and individuality, the more chances you get to enter a long term relationship. You tend to attract very serious and intelligent partners but they also want to say the same thing about you. This is the nature of Saturn, it makes you work for it.

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