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Re: Minor aspect junkie...

Krewster, I found Harding and Harvey's Working with Astrology to be tough slogging at first, but once I understood their method I found it fairly simple to use. Namely:

1. Get a good grasp of the meaning of the basic prime number aspects. They offer key words on these. For example, a trine means delight or ease.

2. With a higher harmonic, simply combine the key words. The square in a 7H chart indicates tension, but also a real need to express and manifest. The 7-series seems to relate to faculties of perception of other realities, and is sometimes called the number of inspiration. So if we look at tight squares in the 7H chart (or combine them via the 28H chart) we see in Assange the quality of inspiration and belief in a reality beyond the given one (in his case, government secrets.) But with the grand cross, it requires effort and struggle to manifest his revelations.

3. Read the harmonic chart through the lense of the harmonic in question. For example, in a 5H chart, we are looking through the lense of the person's talent and ambition to manifest it. If we see that the 5H looks important for that person, with some exact oppositions in the 5H, then the 10H might be an important dynamic in the person's life.

Alternatively, we can take the the harmonic chart information back to the radix chart, where you can include houses and the radix sign placements. (A harmonic chart doesn't use houses and some people feel signs are meaningless. It is simply a convenient way to delineate aspects.)

A 7H chart or looking at septiles in a radix chart amount to the same thing. The harmonic chart just has a different way of displaying "what was in the sky".

Astrologers read a lot of charts that have nothing to do with "what was in the sky" at the time of someone's birth. Solar arc charts or composite charts would be two example. We look at a lot of data that were never in the sky, like Arabic parts, house cusps, Black Moon Lilith, and the traditionalist's terms and faces.

I don't have my own astrological software to "tweak" so I find Astrodienst harmonic charts to be a quick and easy way to see if someone has an aspect of interest. It's a lot easier than locating septiles or noviles by hand.

I've spent some time looking at harmonic charts and minor aspects, and I think they do give a sense of what motivates the individual. So if I had the software to show minor aspect lines in the radix chart, I would probably use it.

Of course Vedic astrologers have been using harmonic charts for a long time!
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