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Re: Minor aspect junkie...

Maybe I am ignorant of basic harmonic chart reading principles but it seems like a convenient mixing of metaphors to apply "driven to manifest" 2 series identifiers to Assange's 7th H chart simply because the harmonic calculation system chooses for expedience to visually display septiles etc as 90 or 180 degree lines.

In the meantime, yes indeed his 7th harmonic chart grand cross strikingly suggests something special which is viewable in one-shot and, thus, potentially useful (if one is focused enough to look at, say, the first 12 H charts for each and every native under study, looking for fancy patterns that have no correlation to what was physically happening in the sky at the birth time).

The more messy visual (as displayed at home and evidently subject to some confusion about birth time) follows:

Without wishing to duplicate pre-existing, in-depth discussions about Assange's chart, it appears noteworthy that 10 of his 18 tightest aspects are 7 (and 14) denominator series aspects (including a Moon-Merc septile triangulated by each of Mars and Sat into their own 7 series triangles) and that his Sun suffers both the 90 to Uran and 135 to Jup (signalling a fated roughness even without reference to septile family aspects).

No conclusions here (at 3 a.m.) but just to say again there's enough bang looking at the planets as they were actually positioned in the sky(declinations aside) rather than risking the ability to find any cause/effect desired by exposing oneself to the information overload seemingly afforded by the harmonic chart system(s).

Amazing, really, that so many astrologers daring into these waters would rather take such risk than tweak their own program's aspect set.
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