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Re: Minor aspect junkie...

Krewster, thanks. Let me mull through my files a bit and see who has some interesting minor aspects. Unfortunately most of my private person charts won't have birth times.

Poyi, I hope you will start working with harmonic charts. If you don't have software that will show minor aspects readily, a harmonic chart will show the aspect in question as a conjunction. Then you can either read the harmonic chart as such, or else note the H chart conjunctions and look for them in the radix chart by sign, house, &c. Of course, a close conjunction in the radix chart will also show up in any H chart, so you have to back it out of your harmonic consideration. Of course, a close conjunction in the natal will still be powerful in the H chart, just not a septile, novile, or what-have-you.

Krewster, speaking of Astrodienst, there was a thread on septiles there a few months ago, and someone noted how a lot of scientists have their sun involved in a septile aspect. A septile wouldn't always seem to indicate metaphysical connections, but more the ability to grasp realities-beneath realities; or to at least think you see them, as sometimes yesterday's science gets discarded with newer research.

I am posting two charts for Julian Assange. I think his radix chart looks so-so in terms of his impact on the world. His 7th harmonic chart, however, shows a vivid grand cross. We could translate this 7H as someone driven to manifest (2-series, squares) hidden information (7-series.) (I'm not a fan of Julian Assange, BTW, but I do think the 7H chart shows what motivates him.)
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