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Re: Minor aspect junkie...

Originally Posted by Krewster View Post
Poyi, your response suggests the minors give the microsopic, fine-tuning view (timing-wise). Although after 4 years of daily focus on the minors I still have the sense that the minor flush out the 3D-type details ("what motivates people" perhaps, as Waybread suggests), no observations (of natives in action) suggest to me the importance of micro-timing but, rather, that the influence of minors (up to a 12 denominator beyond which I lose interest/focus) in a native's chart equals that of the majors (and so, for example, a one degree loose quintile will be, say, 3 x as strong as a 3 degree orbed trine). In an unintended way, nevertheless, your micro-timing focus becomes relevant because when including all 20-ish major/minor aspects in the same chart wheel (w/ text listings ranked by orb for easier review of relative strength) a typical chart will display upwards of 20 aspects tighter than 3 degrees, providing so much information that little need is felt to look beyond such orb (and, therefore for example, the ranked-by-orb aspects to the moon change very significantly each hour or so).

If you're motivated along these lines, I'll PM you an image of your chart using Sirius to display what I've described above.
I would love to have an image of my chart as I don't have professional program, not investing on it as not really working as professional astrologer so thought myself not having such need yet.

While doing research, I saw some people mentioning about use of Transiting Septile.
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