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Re: Minor aspect junkie...

Thanks for the responses and interest.

Poyi, your response suggests the minors give the microsopic, fine-tuning view (timing-wise). Although after 4 years of daily focus on the minors I still have the sense that the minor flush out the 3D-type details ("what motivates people" perhaps, as Waybread suggests), no observations (of natives in action) suggest to me the importance of micro-timing but, rather, that the influence of minors (up to a 12 denominator beyond which I lose interest/focus) in a native's chart equals that of the majors (and so, for example, a one degree loose quintile will be, say, 3 x as strong as a 3 degree orbed trine). In an unintended way, nevertheless, your micro-timing focus becomes relevant because when including all 20-ish major/minor aspects in the same chart wheel (w/ text listings ranked by orb for easier review of relative strength) a typical chart will display upwards of 20 aspects tighter than 3 degrees, providing so much information that little need is felt to look beyond such orb (and, therefore for example, the ranked-by-orb aspects to the moon change very significantly each hour or so).

If you're motivated along these lines, I'll PM you an image of your chart using Sirius to display what I've described above.

Waybread, EJ53 tried to get me looking into that type of endlessly smaller and smaller harmonic microscopic view and I balked for several reasons (partly described in a response I may have posted in your direction a couple of months ago in an thread). As novel and intriguing as that multiplier system is, I'm more fascinated with the apparent possibility that the whole harmonic system was invented to cope with calculation difficulties in the pre-computer age when what I see as its main limitation could be forgiven (i.e., that it conceals aspect triangles and other lovely configs formed by major and minor aspects hooking up). I've compiled a cagetorized list of over 200 such configs with personally well-known natives assigned to each as relevant and enjoy the process of discerning commonality of influences among them. Adding this to the still unsolved mysteries of the core meanings of the 7 and 11 series aspects (having now resolved the 5's and 9's to my tentative satisfaction) provides plenty of motivational focus for continued self-study of personally well-known natives without having to open the door to endless numbers of overloaded harmonic information.

Along these lines, I'm always in the market for new study buddies and would be happy to illustrate how this works in action if you wanna throw me a birthdate for one of your personally well-knowns via PM.
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