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Minor aspect junkie...

After 4-ish decades on/off giving free readings (when the now-over day job permitted), I realized the minor aspects are not minor and began studying them one-by-one in the charts of my personally well-known natives about 4 years ago.
Tweaking the aspect set to mix about 20 major/minor aspects -up thru a denominator of 12- (w/ appropriate coloring, faintness, solid vs. dashed lines) only among planets seems to be the outer limits of visual readability. The resultant typical wheel bears 20-ish personal-planet-participating aspects tighter than 2.x degrees and rarely an unaspected planet.
While the pretty visuals make it fun to pick out the many configurations, reliance first on the aspect text listing ranked by orb (as tweaked) adjusts focus towards the handful of aspects tighter than one degree orb for most of the information needed to jump-start a chart reading process (including the chart's tightest triangle, etc).
The results continue to overwhelmingly satisfy (ymmv), while huge holes in understanding remain (e.g., the core natures of the 5, 7, 9, etc. series...some magic verb/adjective equally applicable to all planetary combos and to "average" querents not bent on becoming enlightened tomorrow).
So, in short, I hope to contribute and hope for your help.
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