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Re: how can i be rich? lol

Hi buddy

you are cancer asc leo rasi .

2nd house speaks of wealth family and speech . 11th house i incoming gains and 2nd house is stored wealth .

you have 2nd lord in 12th house both from rasi and lagna . neither its dhana yoga nor good combination for earning . infact you dissolve all of the family money in waste things . you spend for your comforts lot . luxuries grand spendings drains your money . your speech doesnt have any value in your family or society either . you may stay in others home , dont have home for your own . buying own house is not written in your head .

mutual aspects of saturn and mercury gives debts . also makes you financially suffer since saturn is 8th and mecury is 11th lord .

income comes from spouse too but that too drains by your reckless spending's . 2nd lord in 12th someone who gives away all the wealth for charity purposes . or lives sacrificial life without interest on money matters . really some people are like that , they lives monk life .

you get gains from spouse , spouse contributes income more than yours . she may from mother side or your colleague at your workplace .

as per vedic skill is 3rd house . placement of 3rd lord says about skills . since 3rd in 1st you are skilled in communication , business , organizing . teaching , hospitality , police , guarding , business , deal making , bargaining , occult , astrology etc . astrology interest you lot .

next guru dasa will be good for finance and family life , you live in foregin land , you also master multiple languages . elder bro disturb you if present . expenditures exceeds income . multiple romance will occur ..

over all jupiter dasa fairly good .
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