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Re: When Will I get a Job?

[QUOTE=kshantaram;1010840]Moons gemini-capricorn, 6/8 from each other, shadastak,
lords mer-sat semifriendly, emotionally at severe conflict;
Yes Sir, This is absolutely correct I do have emotional conflict with my Father.He and I have different thinking and mentality.He is very arrogant and egotistic.He talks loudly as well.
moon gemini, analytical, confused decision making;
moon cap, ambitious, hardworking, practical, good event management, etc
Sir,When will my relationship with him my Father get better or improve?

Moons gemini-sag, opp, lords mer-jup, positive planets
but badhaka for each other,
Moon sag, philosophical, optimistic, ambitious, impulsive, sportive;
Sir,this is also correct as I do not have as much conflict with my mother but at times I still feel that she is being an impediment for me.

My Father and My Mother have a very abusive relationship.They keep on fighting daily and constantly.It is very disturbing and annoying for me.My father is more of a problem as he is the one who is more at fault and has a lot of attitude and ego as well.He used to physically abuse my mother as well.He has a very poor job and lacks money as well whereas my Mother is a retired government doctor.She is soft natured and innocent but my father is the real problem.
When do you think this will get better?
Is there any chance they will get divorced?
Sir,Please Do help!!

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