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Re: Feeling more depressed than usual... the lowest of the low. PLEASE HELP!

To be honest, from what I've seen in just a few posts of yours, you come off like narcissistic and superficial. You seem to worry too much about yourself and maybe your friends are feeling it and find it... dangerous.

Like for example, your Mars, which indicates battle and aggression, is in your 1st house of self. Maybe your not only overly self-critical but also aggressive in your tendencies to be most beautiful one. Your Jupiter is also in the first house indicating expansion of THOUGHTS of YOURSELF, again indicated overoccupation with yourself. However, it's in Libra, indicating expansion of beauty and wealth. Since Jupiter wants you to learn something, maybe it's that beauty and wealth are temporary and only the immaterial things are left behind.

Furthermore, both planets abovementioned are in opposition with Moon, which is in your 7th house of spouse, marriage and business relationships. This is a great place for your moon to be, as it's both happy in the 7th house and it's happy in Taurus. It's just two things which are likely to delay your marietal happiness: first one is the opposition with jupiter, mars and yourself - which might again prove that your self-occupation rejects your potential partners.

I don't wanna go into any further details as those are less related to your question. I know from experience that depression can make great people develop tendencies of narcissisim, as a means to self-preservation and protection from your own destructive thoughts and deeds.

Which is why I highly suggest you to go visit a psychiatrist about that depression, as it's too serious to talk about in terms of planets. Perhaps your occupation with career or studying could switch your focus and help you cure, but depression involves physical problems with neurotransmitters which, even though are probably affected by planets when things are normal, cannot be cured with planets transits alone.
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