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Re: Pluto square Sun, to xyclomatic

Originally Posted by wilsontc View Post

You said:

You have Leo (ego) modifying Sun in the Friends house, so you VERY much want to be recognized and even admired when in social situations. Pluto (power, also transformation) is square (energy needs to be combined with) as well, so you push on others this need to be recognized. As a result, people can get a "vibe" that you are MUCH too intense for them. The goal is to TRANSFORM your behavior, putting yourself in uncomfortable social situations and allowing yourself to pay attention to OTHERS and try listening to what they have to say. With Mercury (thinking) in the Friends house as well, you are VERY aware of others and could be very responsive to their interests...if you let yourself. More about Pluto square Sun here:



Hello Wilson,

I appreciate your analysis very much.

However, even if I were to stay quiet (like I usually do) and patiently wait for others to approach me... they often don't because somehow I come off as weird, unwelcoming, or a bit off-putting to them. Like, I could tell from their facial expressions. I know for a fact some of them don't feel comfortable around me.

For real, I don't know what it IS about me that rubs others the wrong way, but again like you said it could be the making me come off intimidating? Seriously tho, I'm just awfully confused. Am I really that intense? How come I don't feel it, but others can?

Besides... it's not like I dress weird or anything. I look very physically normal, wear casual but flattering clothes, and I put a lot of maintenance on my hair (must be my Virgo Rising's perfectionism ).


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