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Re: How Aquarians relate to other zodiac signs

Unique_Astrology, I would put it that there are astrological signatures in nativities, but they don't work 100% of the time. Some (like professional boxers having Mars square Pluto) are so weak that they don't belong in astrology. Others (like sun opposite Pluto people having a dysfunctional relationship with their father) show up a lot, but not 100%. I view signatures more like a statistical measure: usually but not always.

And then we deal with so many variables. Typically two planets in aspect don't stand alone, but get pinged by something else. Then does it matter what is the orb? If there's a fixed star in the mix? It gets pretty crazy-making. Which is why in a chart-reading I'd rather say something like, "People with your aspect often feel like....."

Your work is so much more precise than mine, so I don't discount the likelihood that at the level at which you analyse charts, some of the cruder popular delineations would just disappear.

Lykenized, I certainly wasn't trying to set you off. On a public forum,even a post directed at one individual is always available and open to all to read or to respond to if they wish. Also, I qualified my statements about Aqua-suns by noting that a lot of water in the chart would make a difference. Which is why opening up a chart to include additional factors is so important to understanding what makes people tick.

I recall a thread about Aquarius suns a few years back at Astrodienst, where a lot of us chimed in. Many recalled an experience (that I had as a child in about the 3rd grade) of desperately wanting friends and to fit into a small group, but developing the strategy of aloofness when this didn't work out so well. When this was clearly going badly, I decided that my self-esteem was worth something (or however a 3rd-grader would have put it) and developed what I now see as the gifts of solitude. This kind of independence has been really helpful on many occasions. However, I think Aquarian independence would be developed at different ages and stages for different people.

I've been married for a long time, so obviously I think cuddles are great. When other people are really inconsistent, such that I no longer know where I stand with them, I try to be cordial to them, but just not to depend upon them.
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