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Re: How Aquarians relate to other zodiac signs

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Lykenized, an Aquarian perspective on your post would be to recommend that you not personalize what I wrote. An Aquarian perspective would be that we're all a bunch of complete strangers on an internet forum. An Aquarian isn't "sensitive" about such things, but would take a more mental approach (unless s/he's got a ton of water elsewhere in the chart.)
I don't look at anyone here as their sun sign or any of their signs. We're all emotional creatures and prone to sensitivity. So if what you say is correct about looking past sunsigns, then yes, Aquarians can be prone to sensitivity just like everyone can

If I directed my post to CapAquaPis, would that make you feel better? Do you see your emotional reaction? There's nothing wrong with reacting emotionally, but just to say that it is characteristic of water signs. (With Scorpios needing to hide their feelings inside their exterior.) I'm here just pointing out the significance of the 4 elements in astrology.
Not really, it'd just make a lot more sense since you seemed inconsistent
We often see sun-sign threads, and I don't see the problem in pointing out that there's a lot more to get to, because oftentimes they operate at too simple a level to address the real and more complex questions of, in this case, relationships. Obviously Mr. Aquarian hurt your feelings, so if you were able to do the synastry earlier on in your relationship (or requested it on a "read my chart board") possibly you could have saved yourself some stress.
He didn't hurt my feelings. I'm a lesbian. Actually neither of those people hurt my feelings. We never got close because of those traits

But here again, some (not all) Aquarians respond to stress by disappearing. Even if they're still present physically, they withdraw into a mindset that others can find cold or aloof. (I note that Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, but Uranus isn't known as a warm, fuzzy planet either. In contrast, the moon rules Cancer, and she's noted for her empathy.) Ghosting someone is really bad form, regardless; but sadly it doesn't seem to be the problem of one sun sign.
Yeah and it's just one reason I don't think I could ever get on with a strong Aquarian who displays those tendencies. I prefer straightforwardness and to me it just comes off as not making sense and definitely not straightforward. That and the push pull. Can't stand it. Again. I prefer straightforwardness

Like I noted, I'm an 11th houser so I'm sure I've been guilty myself. Not only that but my Venus is in Gemini

Also, the Aquarians didn't seem distant or aloof at all. On the contrary, they were very emotional and needy. One would even call and say they needed me to go over for cuddles which was honestly quite offputting for me. Not any kinda behavior I'd display as a Cancer sun/Merc And I also wasn't clingy or high maintenance with them whatesoever. My issue with the push pull thing wasn't that they were aloof, but that they were aloof when I payed any attention to them and when I took the clue and backed off, they came running back. Aloofness doesn't bother me. In other words, be aloof, but be consistently aloof or don't just be aloof when I'm there for you and come running back when I take the hint and become aloof myself

With one, it was almost as if they were needy and whiny, but when they got what they said they needed, they bolted
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