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Re: How Aquarians relate to other zodiac signs

Lykanized, I respect your experiences, but: (a) the sun-sign is way too overdone in astrology. It's important, but as I said above, synastry goes well beyond it. (b) Aquarians, Cancers, and the other 10 sun-signs operate in multiple areas of life, not just in a dating situation with the hope of an intimate relationship coming out the other end.

Having said that, I think it makes sense to consider sun-signs in the context of their elements and modalities (qualities): earth, air, fire, and water; cardinal, fixed and mutable. Then also take a look at the sign's ruling planet/s.

To paraphrase astrologer Stephen Arroyo, the elements indicate what is very real to people.* To an air sign like Aquarius, ideas are very real. To a water sign like Cancer, feelings are very real. Feelings are not so real to an air sign, and ideas are not so real to a water sign. So the Aquarian can easily come across to the Cancer, as living too much in his head and being aloof. The Cancer can come across to the Aquarian as needy, clingy, or emotionally high-maintenance.

Cancer's end-point (to paraphrase astrologer Steven Forrest) is to merge emotionally with another person. This would send your average Aquarian male heading for the hills. (As I said previously, we Aquarians need our space.)

Keeping in mind that the sun symbolizes one's core identity or sense of self.

Attraction can be there for other chart factors (like his Venus falls on her ascendant, or her Venus sextiles his Mars.) He might think they'll work it out and come back, for such reasons, but then the fundamental differences are likely to kick in. (Also, maybe they've got a good composite chart going.)

* Material, practical matters are very real to earth signs. Action, initiative, and often optimism are very real to fire signs. Then you can combine the elements in different ways: air+fire= excitement about ideas. earth + air might be the engineer or trouble-shooter. water +fire =excited feelings.
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