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Re: How Aquarians relate to other zodiac signs

Originally Posted by Lykanized View Post
I've known Aquarians(Im a Cancer) and I never went to them with my emotional issues. I keep those to myself. However, my issue with them is that I could tell they wanted to get close, yet when I gave in to their advances, they'd end up pulling away. So I'd take the clue and ignore them and move on. Then they'd inevitably come back. And the pattern just went on and on and on until I eventually just gave up on one and the other just ghosted me out of nowhere after talking all this **** about how they were gonna move close to where I am and we should get to know each other better

So as a Cancer, that's why I don't get on with Aquarians. They come off as not knowing what the **** they want and it's a major turnoff in any kind of relationship platonic or otherwise.

They also come off as if
they're just playing games
and as very ingenuine
and also nonsensical

to add, my Sun and Mercury in Cancer are in the 11th house
so I may relate to Aquarians in a way
that makes so much sense
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Aquarius is simply the smart sign.
We're the real intellectuals around here.
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