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Originally Posted by greybeard View Post
The old-time western astrologers referred to "this world" as the sub-lunar world.

Psychology refers to the study of the human mind. Most of the mind seems to be unconscious.

I believe it was Heraclitus who first said, "Character is destiny". So psychological astrology seeks to understand character, which is the same as the destiny.
Yes that makes sense. However ,the old schools determisn doesn't much allow for the character to unfold and be understood.

I read a case of Indian woman who was 35 and still not married and had gone to many astrologers,did many rituals and what not . Her chart was not showing any delays. But marriage hadn't taken place yet .
She went to a vedic astrologer that wasn't much practicing determinism, and from a quick chat with her and study of her chart, he simply realised she was too influenced by her brother and family, following their demands for a husband. It was nothing more than that. After this explanation from the astrologer, some time after she got got happily married .

My point is, sometimes what looked as a denial or delay is merely a lesson to be learned.

It's hard for me to believe people would want to get married and denied. I personally don't believe in Gods or the fact that planets rule us against our own will, or that our soul would deny us something. Yes, our soul will want to teach us a lesson and usually love is the hardest lesson to learn because it will strip us from all self restrictions and judgements we might have, and perhaps that's why it's denied to some people because they cannot pass those challenges?

Just thinking outloud
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