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Re: Will agent sell my newest book within the month?

Originally Posted by sandrang123 View Post
Hi guys,

This is my first attempt at Horary Astrology. Can anyone help with interpretation? I know the Querent is represented by the ascendant. And I know the ruler of that sign is the Significator, but I'm shaky on interpretation. (Maybe I should just stick to reading tarot!)

Any help is appreciated. Attached is the chart.

All Best,
hi sandrang! hope to go well with your book ....
The ASC ,= the physical notewriter of the writings, writers, communication, etc. It represents you joy. strong, but retro.
In the 12th it shows us your fears and insecurities, and also shows us the fact that you can not do much.

I will take the 7th house as the agency. Jupiter (the agency), is in your second house (very good), and loves (the lady of your second house) your pocket your money. Another positive thing.

have a mixed reception (exaltation). Jupiter collects here. He has already taken the light of and (the money of others) will meet Jupiter. So I think there will definitely be something. will meet Jupiter in your 2nd house at 1 degree and more ...
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