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Originally Posted by passiflora View Post
Hi, I hear your concerns and that you are worried. You have transiting Neptune with your natal sun in Pisces for a while and might have to get used to the feeling of uncertainty during this period. At the same time you have a lunar return and Mercury return coincident with your solar return this year so the energy should be in some ways familiar to you mentally and emotionally.

The level of predictive detail you are asking for particularly concerning events is something for which most modern astrologers would probably not use solar returns but progressions. On the emotional level your partner does have a Moon-Chiron conjunction in her SR 8th and might be able to use a little extra help.

Lot of big, exciting, also unknowable life events in your upcoming plans. Wish you good luck!
Passiflora, I really apppreicate your replying. I feel there are major changes on the horizon and am excited and scared!

I guess what I should have asked, more simply, is for a reading of our Solar Returns - how would they be interpreted?

My partnerís mother had the surgery successfully thank god.

I see some shared themes across charts generally, but I donít know if itís good or bad? Does anyone have skill with reading Solar Returns?
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