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Worried about my and my partner's Solar Returns


I'm a little nervous about my and my partner's next solar returns.

Just some background: we have been together for two years - we are both women - and are trying to leave the country we are now living in to move to Europe. We also want to have children and have discussed sperm donation. We also both want to work on our independent projects - and I in particular am trying to shift from my full-time job into freelancing with a creative project of my own, and am waiting to hear about a grant I applied for.

I love my partner immensely but we have also been having some ups and downs lately, though we are very committed to each other and both want a future together.

A couple of other things for background, that may be relevant:

My partner's mother needs to have surgery probably next year to replace her hip, and has some risks specific to her. I am concerned about my partner's moon in her SR 8th, opposite natal Saturn and what this could mean. My partner's is the first chart below, named C.

Could there be a risk here concerning her mother, with moon in 8? It has me worried.

I also see changes in the home/family for both of us (we live together) - and the possibility of our being apart for some of the year (though I hope this is not a break-up), maybe possibly long-distance?

I also see possible changes for both of us on the work/job (or health?) front... I am not sure how to read these as I see so many different possibilities.

Please let me know what you see. My partner's job is not secure given the company is having financial difficulties.

Whatever the possible shared challenges in the coming year, does it look like our relationship will endure them? Part of me sees the possibility of a greater commitment with lots of transitions, I just hope we make it together. But then I am also worried about my own chart with the 4th house emphasis square to my natal 8th house stellium, but then if we do move from the country we are now in, my mother (whose flat this is) will have to come home and help us pack up. She also has real estate properties I have been helping her with - could this be the 4th-8th link? As an 8th house stellium native, I get nervous about anything 8th related!

Lastly, my SR 7th house ruler seems well-aspected, at least, and I see C and I both have moon-venus combos (SR-SR or SR-natal) along with venus-jupiter.

Thank you so much for your insight in advance on all the above - charts below.

My Partner "C's" Solar Return:

My Solar Return:

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