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Re: Can Astrology predict the end of the World?

My understanding is that the ancients had a horoscope that depicts the beginning of the world, where all was maximized in terms of rulership dignity; this was the Thema Mundi, the horoscope of the world.

I'm not sure this has an associated date. The positios of Mercury and Venus are impossible angles, since Mercury is never more than 27 degrees from the Sun, and Venus never more than 48.

The horoscope for 6 pm Oct. 22, 4004 BC in Mesopotamia looks very different, but it has a grand trine among Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. This of course is when Archbishop Ussher said the world was created.

Le grand crier sans honte audacieux / Sera esleu gouverneur de l'armee.
La hardiesse de son contentieux / Le pont rompu, cité de peur pasmee.

- Nostradamus, Centuries 3:81
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