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Re: What do I do with this Intense, Karmic and Difficult Relationship?

Thanks so much, ElenaJ!

Your analysis really resonates. I realize it is a pretty standard way of reading, but as I say, my poor old Pisces moon finds it so hard to look rationally about my own chart, so having someone else read it properly really helps.

After I posted the composite, it struck me that one thing I had not noticed was that the ASC of this Composite chart is exactly conjunct my South Node (10 Sco).

As if we weren't being karmic enough. My Natal Mercury conjuncts his Natal North Node and my Natal Moon trines it.

His natal Venus is conjunct the Descendant (IC) of the Composite chart.

I would so like to get a better feeling for why there is such an strong, irrational connection between us that lasted more than half a century. Nothing all that out of the ordinary occurred between us in our college days. I had much more intense relationships with other men in those long ago days without ever having this kind of life-changingly intense a response when I saw them again. So I assume it must have happened in another lifetime. I just can't get any picture of it. Again, odd. With other karmic relationships, I get dreams etc explaining them.

Also what do you make of that 12th House Sun. Hand has nothing good to say about it. Does that suggest we are both deluded about what we are doing together? That is is some kind of addiction and/or distraction?

That is one of my biggest fears here. I have a natal Mars-Neptune conjunction which means everyone around my age has their Neptune close to my Mars conjunction. I solved that problem (and the closeness of men my age's Pluto to my Sun) by having long-term relationships with people much younger than I am who don't have those difficult connections. He is the LAST person I ever was in love with and spent a lot of time with who was older than I am.
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