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Re: Differentiations of Gifts?

ud you not like to look at the 12th house correlation with the 5th...espacially when you are on Giving end..

Originally Posted by Kaiousei no Senshi
I know the Fifth house is the house one looks to in questions concerning gifts, but I was wondering if this Fifth house is the gifts we receive from others, the gifts we give to others, or both.

Case in point, I ordered a birthday present for a friend of mine, so after the order was all complete I asked the question 'When will he obtain the gift?/When will it arrive?' I had hoped it'd be there just before or on his birthday (I think gifts arriving afterwards are a little tacky and I'd be kicking myself if I couldn't project correctly to get it there on the desired day), but as I got to looking at the chart I got to wondering if there was a difference in houses. Now, I'm the First house, no problem there. My friend is the Eleventh, okay, that's simple. Now, the gift is the Fifth house. Wait, it's not MY gift, as in it's not a gift that I will obtain and keep, so does it count if it's MY gift as in I gave it to him? Or perhaps gifts to other people are the Eleventh house? Or the Fifth from the house that signifies the person? In this case, Fifth from the Eleventh is the Third. I did want to make the gift the Third house, since it would be going through the post, however what makes it special is that it is indeed a gift and not a letter or something similar.

Okay, to make this a lot more simple, I guess what I'm asking is if gifts you give to people and gifts you receive from people are the same house or are in some way derived off of another house.
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