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Re: Differentiations of Gifts?

This is an acceptable hypothesis, : the present I buy here in this shop is not my possession.
Well, to me, personally, if I buy someone a present in a shop, then no, it's not mine. Like in my example above, if I were with a friend and they saw this hypothetical present and asked me what it was, my answer would be something like 'Oh, that's P's birthday present.' It's not my anything, so I don't think it belongs in my Second.

Is it then also not the shopowners possession as he got it from the manufacturer?
Well, in purchasing elections the item one is buying is the Eighth as the Seventh is person or company you are buying it from.

If you say that the present is not your possession, then the 8th is wrong, because it shows to the second house guy, that it is your possession.
Woah, wait, what? I am the Second house guy. At least, I think I am. I'm confused. The turned Second from the house signifying the recepient of the gift would make sense to me, since it is technically theirs, even if they do not yet have it. Just like when my father bought me my car, it wasn't his Second house, but his Sixth house as Second to his Fifth which was me. So, back to the example of the previous horary (which, by the way, the gift did not make it there on time -.-'') my friend's gift could be shown as the radical Twelfth house since it is the Second to my friend's house.

But then, why even have a seperate house for gifts and possessions? Ah, because the mentality behind them is different. This must be the reason.

Honestly, I think I'm reading too much into it, however, I've always seen things taken off of the radical houses to be in relation to the one represented as the First house. My health (First), my car (Second), my letters (Third), my house (Fourth), my son (Fifth), my cat (Sixth), my partner (Seventh), blah blah blah. So, when I see that gifts are the Fifth house, I think of them as my gifts, my Fifth house. So, then other people's gifts must be derived off of their radical house significator (Fifth from whatever).
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