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Re: Differentiations of Gifts?

Hi there again!
gifts you give start out as the Eighth house? Even if I buy it, the mentality behind it is "That's P's birthday present" so it was never really mine. Eighth house.
This is an acceptable hypothesis, : the present I buy here in this shop is not my possession.Is it then also not the shopowners possession as he got it from the manufacturer? 8th house is someone elses money or possessions. If you say that the present is not your possession, then the 8th is wrong, because it shows to the second house guy, that it is your possession. So 8th house I dont feel good with. I am still for the 5th and 2nd. The 11th house is a very generous house, giving to and thinking of the welfare of other people. So this house also gives out, does not receive, unless from sponsors for 3rd world countries necessities. It is not personal, but general. Nope, I stay with the one's I mentioned, 5th and 2nd.
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