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Re: Differentiations of Gifts?

Now, just imagine, you get a gift from someone else. It becomes your possession, so I think that the "received gift" falls in the 2nd house of possessions. What do you think of this deduction?
I thought something along those lines too, at first, however if they do become the second house, then shouldn't gifts you give start out as the Eighth house? Even if I buy it, the mentality behind it is "That's P's birthday present" so it was never really mine. Eighth house.

5th versus 11th.
That was my second idea. I enjoy it a little bit more, especially since the Eleventh house is that of benefactors. You know, people who give us stuff.

But I am guessing here. I have not read about this anywhere, I am just trying to think logically (or am I?)
I haven't found it written anywhere else either. Maybe I'm just thinking too much into it.
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