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Re: Differentiations of Gifts?

Hi KNS, as far as I can "feel" this one, there are the gifts you give and the gifts you receive. The one's you give out, come from the 5th house. It is the generous Leo house and it represents your expression of gratitude, good wishes, whatever, towards another person.
Now, just imagine, you get a gift from someone else. It becomes your possession, so I think that the "received gift" falls in the 2nd house of possessions. What do you think of this deduction?
You can also maybe look at if from the axis point of view. 5th versus 11th. 5th is giving and 11th receiving. I dont know, the first suggestion seems somehow better to me. But I am guessing here. I have not read about this anywhere, I am just trying to think logically (or am I?) Cheers, Star.
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