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Re: Career Chart Interpretation

Originally Posted by Coolcatzack View Post
Okay, folks. I'm looking for a career chart interpretation.

I'm headed back to college in the summer, still have pre-reqs to finish, so I still have plenty of time to choose a field.

I've have two fields in mind: entertainment (specifically fantasy literature, and script-writing / storyboarding for a cartoon of my own - with a team, of course.) and teaching (specifically teaching English abroad.)

entertainment feels like a dream, while as teaching is totally in reach.

For the things I enjoy: the idea phase, working on my own creations, world-building, drawing, foreign cultures, languages, learning, helping others, the idea of living abroad.

Things i do not like: writing for a long period - for the sake of my perfectionism, which I have to get over, working with numbers, failing in my undertakings, and not being recognized for my work.

Would I be good in either of these fields, and if so, why?

I know I can do both and I plan to do so.

Any response will be appreciated, so don't be shy!
Chart is a night chart so Venus, Moon and Mars are of the sect in favor

Sun, Jupiter and Saturn are not of the Sect in favor
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