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Re: Astrology Software

Astrolog32, an updated version of the classic Astrolog for 32-bit Windows.

It's free, accurate, and does so many things. The animation feature is priceless (especially for visualizing your upcoming transits!) and the readability of the charts it produces is superb, especially when working with aspects.

There are complete atlas files available for the software via the site, and the C+ source code is freely available in case you code C and desire to customize.

I also adore Solar Fire 6, but honestly seldom use it. It's also fairly expensive. 98% of the time I use Astrolog32. Solar Fire 6 does have a wonderful search function, which allows you to search over long periods of time and produce text listings of just about every astrological happening you could imagine. It is one of the few pieces of software which allows fully customizable midpoint searches, including transiting planets to midpoints, transiting midpoints to planets, transit-to-transit midpoints, and midpoint-to-midpoint searches. The main thing I use it for is the search feature. It also has an excellent electional search, where you can specify oodles of parameters and find a time exactly suitable to your electionary requirement.
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