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Re: Will we ever be together?

The first degree on the ascendent would indicate that it is too early to judge, the chart might not even be valid for reading. Does one degree Aries correspond to something in your chart?
If we assume, however, that it is valid, Venus of love on the 4th cusp of end-of-the-matter squares the ascendent/descendent axis, which is not promising.
Ascendent ruler mercury was in trine with the descendent ruler Jupiter, but is moving on now, and moon in the 12th will soon square mercury.
Moon leaving a conjunction with Uranus shows this was a quick-on but quick-off affair.
In fact, sexual mars rules the 12th of hidden things, in this case possibly an illicit romance, and approaches Uranus by trine. The 5th of love affairs is ruled by Venus, as we saw it squares the ascendent/desc, so here too not promising anything long term.
Moon is in the terms and face of mercury, but it isn't reciprocal, so mercury in effect accepts what could turn out to be an uncomfortable situation.
Jupiter is in mercury's terms, but mercury's detriment, so again not reciprocated.
You are right in your instinct, this looks like a no.
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