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Re: When is the Time of the Second Coming?

Your post reminds me of geometry, like metatrons cube etc. Been looking at cymatics which links geometry and sounds. Anyway all places can be changed as far as energy goes. Use your intuition as to what changes to make to make the place sing. Your ex may have come into your life to give you the land. If you love it, it is yours as it resonates with you. Subtle changes will realign the vibrational patterns. Look at the plans and try to visualise some changes and then make the changes. having the plan and knowing what to do can shift the energy so it happens.

There are some great mysteries held in the symbols and patterns, probably too goes into the DNA patterning. That reminds me of the Ursula le Guin books Earthsea, and her Master Patterner.

I digress I admit it.

Love & Light
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