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Re: When is the Time of the Second Coming?

Makes me think of the light contained in the darkness
Yes, and the beauty that lies within the ugly. Before you discover what lies inside, they are rather ugly, often called mudrocks, very plain and unatractive, brown with the feel of slippery clay. After that outer layer is broken off they look more like the huge geodes you find in the new age stores, a smooth harder looking rock and it isn't until they are split that you find the crystals. It's like they start out hollow and then the crystals start forming, maybe similar to the way stilagmites form, I wonder.

I have a real problem with my home, weird things happening that don't make sense. It really carries the energy of my ex since he drew the blueprint and we built it together. It's 20 years old, never completely finished but already all the windows and doors need replaced. They were supposedly the best brand around. My dad's house is 45 years old and has never needed any replaced. The land though, I feel a real bond with, something magical. I developed my love and interest in the medicinal use of herbs, along with astrology and other subjects. I found a stone in the ground that fits my hand perfectly. It looks identical to one at the museum said to come from Native Americans, like the shaman would use to grind the herbs. I love this land, but its uncomfortable being here because it is part of my ex's family farm since horse-plow days. But I hear his dad is thinking of selling, the cows are already gone, so maybe they don't love it like I do.

Is the relation between Simon-Peter and Chronos where the idea of Saturn representing the Jews comes from??
I had always thought that Leo, the tribe of Judah, therefore the Sun was symbolic of Isreal. Judah was the lead tribe. But I may be wrong, I'll have to look further. Also, Peter is New Testament, Christianity so I wouldn't think so. Judah means celebrated, praised or applauded, by the way, just what Leo so loves. Their flag is the Star of David (Magan David (the same root as magi) also called the shield of David) which is 6 points plus the center, where we find the heart, Leo. David was of the tribe of Judah as was Jesus, by the way.

From wiki: Some researchers have theorized that the hexagram represents the astrological chart at the time of David's birth or anointment as king. The hexagram is also known as the "King's Star" in astrological circles, and was an important astrological symbol in Zoroastrianism.

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