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Re: When is the Time of the Second Coming?

I see, that makes sense. It's very similar to the patterns in the heaven at the time of birth being one's signiture. I had a dream one time of an ornament hanging in a store I was considering aquiring. It was beautiful sparkling Mother of pearl in the shape of an upside down obelisk. When I had my star chart out for the telescope and aligned it to my birth time and date, there, directly in view from the east horizon looking toward the pole star was the constellation Cepheus, with point toward me in just the same view as the hanging ornament. I was wavering, moving back and forth thinking, "Go by, go for, go by, go for; go for, forego, go for, forego." It could have been by, buy or bye and for, four, or fore, not sure. But I think it is connected to the fact that my natal Moon is void.

One of the stars of Cepheus will be the pole star about 4000 AD. It was last the pole star probably about the time of the Cave man. An interesting thought since this thread is about the "King". That would put us in the Age of Capricorn wouldn't it, in 4000? To the arabs, Cepheus was the shepherd, his dog and sheep. The shepherd is also a name for Jesus.

Cepheus gives us a view of the Fireworks Galaxy. I've been fired several times (and I've been known to start a few firewords), this last time because I dared get hurt. Aparantly I was useless to them if I wasn't willing to bow down to them as king and able to do the most strenous physical labor and the Family medical leave act gave them a legal loopehole to fire me. An article I read said that Cepheus is Chronos and Simon Peter, the rock upon which the church was built. Actually, Peter means hollow rock, the kind that grow crystals, geodes. They grow on my land. They are little baby crystals though.
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