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Re: When is the Time of the Second Coming?

Thanks for bringing this forward, Lenvdb. I hadn't seen it before. Now there are two threads active on this subject. This one is quite interesting. I see the Moon is void but I think that is appropriate. Although Moon had been approaching Sun, she went void with a trine to Pluto leaving Sun void also until just a short time before casting this chart. Sun went void with a sextile to Gemini Moon (duality) on August 18. It is no longer void since it is within moiety of orb for a sextile to Jupiter. I agree, Sun-Son of God belongs on Tiphareth which is also the heart. What I see in this chart is the Sun-Son had recently been void or: was not, but is yet to come. I see the Moon, Yesod, the womb is void. She and the Sun are sitting in the house of sex. (I'm sure this will be challegened as it has been in another thread, but I stand by that.) They are also in the grave, being the 8th house. The void is a time for the unexpected to happen, a time when the universe is open to certain loopholes (possible getting pregnant when it isn't the normal fertile time or without actually having complete intercourse). I see the angels (Venus-Lucifer) standing with Binah, Saturn in partnership with Chockmah, Neptune preparing to announce the birth (8th house) of a son conceived by the Virgin. (Sun in Virgo) The fact that the Moon was void as Sun entered Virgo is symbolic of the virgin womb being impregnated. Jesus was said to be conceived by the Holy Spirit. This corresponds to the path that joins Kether, the crown and Pluto with Chockmah, Neptune and wisdom. The womb, Moon opposing Neptune and trine (9th house type, spiritual child and love) to Pluto were her last aspects.

The first aspect Moon, mother, the womb makes is to merge with the Sun, son in the sign of the virgin. I think this chart is showing the immaculate conception which really is symbolic of each of our conceptions. It shows the amazing, magical power of what takes place during the void in the secret places (8th). What is conceived of the spirit in secret (Pluto in Sag in the 12) is born 9 months later in Virgo, the virgin. I realize the virgin said to conceive the coming messiah in the old testament is almah and betulah, Virgo is the unveiled virgin, but I think it fits, especially with Jesus main theme carried forward to present is the loaves (Virgo) and fishes (Pisces).

My firm belief after studying this chart is that the message is, besides my previous paragraph, that to be born again is the reincarnation necessary in order to learn every path possible. To come again implies the same thing. Through our long process of growing and learning we will eventually know how to create heaven on earth, or allow our God self to create it, and receive sustenance from the tree of life, food for each of the twelve months. There will no longer be a need for sickness, tears or death. Wether that is a physical place on the earth plane or a spiritual plane doesn't really matter to me, ultimately. This chart shows the conception of Jesus, not a final coming. I notice, also, that the rising degree is square to the Sun's degree of greatest exaltation, 19 Aries, which I guess must be intercepted in the 3rd? That's interesting. It makes me think there is more to be revealed, the other side of the story (Libra). The tribe of Isreal that is assigned to Libra, I believe, is Benjamin, meaning "Son of my right hand". His mother wanted to name him son of my suffering but his dad had other plans and changed it when she died giving birth to him. That name fits, since Libra is 5th from Gemini, the right hand. (Aries is Rueben, "Behold, a son", by the way )

I just noticed that none of the inner 7 bodies have any essential dignity, do they? This would imply that there is still much for humanity to learn and we can't just expect a savior to wisk us away and do it all for us. In Revelation 17:10 (I just looked it up ) it talkes about 7 kings, saying 5 have fallen, one is now and another is yet to come. If we take fallen to mean without essential dignity, we see that here. The Moon would be the one yet to come since its currently void. I wonder if there has been a time when all 7 were actually in their fall. Interesting thought.
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