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Re: When is the Time of the Second Coming?

I am not sure exactly how to interpret the chart, but I do understand the teachings on the second coming of Christ and the various interpretations. I also study the Qabbalah and how it links to astrology. This gives me an understanding of the various emanations of God in the Tree of life and which planet is associated with which emanation of God.

The sun is associated with Jesus Christ, in the sphere of Tipareth , the 6th sphere (Beauty). In the Tree of Life the sun sphere is the only sphere linked and connected to all the other spheres on the Tree. The Bible calls Jesus the Sun of Righteousness. The second coming is about the Bridegroom (A symbol of Tipareth) coming for His Bride(Malkuth - The Kingdom - the 10th sphere). The moon is associated with Yesod 9th sphere (The sphere of magic/miracles) and speaks of the Holy Spirit.

Miracles are performed by having an understanding of Yesod. It thus represents the sphere from where miracles come and the angel Gabriel is the archangel in charge here etc. God the Father (YHVH) is associated with the whole Zodiac in Chokmah (the 2nd sphere) and Binah (YHVH Elohim), the Superior mother is associated with Saturn in the 3rd sphere. She represents death in terms of ending of cycles before new cycles begin.

The second coming is about Jesus returning for His Bride, His Kingdom - God dwelling amongst His people.

Venus is associated with the sphere of Netzach 7th sphere(Victory) in the Tree and Mercury with Hod 8th sphere(Splendour/Glory). The order of angels in Netzach are the Elohim (The gods).

This is taken from Occult studies - The Order of the Golden Dawn.

It is time for the Great Awakening!
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