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Hello everyone

My name is Len. I currently live in Kings Langley near London in the UK. Nice to meet you all. So whats happening in London? I come from a Fundamentalist Christian (Pentecostal) background. In 2006 I spent some months in prayer and meditation. In this time I experienced a profound change of beliefs.

The mainstream church always taught me that astrology is evil and part of the occult and we should not dabble in it. I since discovered that Jesus was connected to the Essene communities of His time - in fact - He was a leader! Then I discovered what the Essenes taught and believed. They believed in astrology, reincarnation and Qabbalah. And since I love God, my life mission is to follow Jesus (The Christ consciousness) in all His footsteps.

I discovered that the picture that the Bible (and the church) paints of Jesus is a poor portrait of who He really was. There is so much more to Jesus! The Nicean council of 325 CE and the early Roman rising state church systematically edited these truths out of the gospels. The gnostic books, Essene scolls and teachins were declared heresy and burnt. Sadly in 550CE the church abolished the doctrine of reincarnation. And humanity went into the dark ages.

Well, we are coming out again!! God is moving again and these truths are being revealed. They found the Dead Sea scrolls, the Nag Hammadi scrolls and many others, like the book of Enoch, and we are slowly seeing an awakening.

There are a number of articles I wrote which I post on the God's Friends website (The URL is below). I once went onto a Church forum a few months ago and within 3 days they banned me from the site. The stuff I posted were too much for them! LOL

I am very excited to live now! Good is good!

Peace and blessings

It is time for the Great Awakening!

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