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Re: Was Jesus the 'person' that christian orthodox religion claims to have been or no

Trying to understand more of this chart by the same ordered horary approach:

Jesus is represented in the 9th house in Gemini, a dual sign, pointing out a dual nature: divine and human, as born of the Holy Spirit and Mary.

The religious authority whose claims you are challenging is represented in the 10th house.

Saturn in detriment and retrograde in the 10th house indicates the traditional views and ideas propagated through the Orthodox Christian church, they are so attached to the traditions and patterns and so resistant to changes. No wonder they reject reincarnation, if someone they trust rejected it in the past, they're unlikely to reinstate it.
The whole sign of Leo is intercepted in the 10th house, making the Sun as its secondary ruler. AquarianEssence explains this interception well.
But on the other hand, the main 10th house ruler, is the Moon in domicile in Cancer and cardinal, indicating a lively religion, with mysteries and miracles, such as the one that occurs yearly on a regular basis for hundreds of years on Easter, at Jerusalem, only in the Greek Orthodox church, at Jesus' tomb: the Holy Light that spontaneously lights up candles and doesn't burn the skin.

Here again, some dualism between dogma and control on one hand and genuine pure spirituality on the other hand. I'd say go for what you know is true and take only that from this religion. It may be stuck in terms of mind patterns as a whole, but it has much to offer in terms of soul experiences. I've met Orthodox monks who had a thinking more advanced that cutting news modern physics, so it's as always, different on an individual basis.
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