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Re: Was Jesus the 'person' that christian orthodox religion claims to have been or no

I couldn't resist posting this chart in a form that is more comfortable for me. The interception is so important here, the new Aquarian Age we are on the cusp of with Pisces, the age Jesus ushered in, ruling 2 houses. And if that isn't enough, the degree of expiation and atonement is on the 6th cusp, showing those he served? or those that served him?

Jupiter rules the hour, very appropriate. He rules the face of 25Libra so the chart is radical. Jupiter is exalted in the void Moon's sign, interesting. His last recorded words before death were "It is finished". Jupiter exalts Venus, ruler of the ascendant, you. I think he's glad you brought this question up. You are honored by him. Looking at the 5th house, natural house of the Sun, King, I see the two Mary's. See Venus standing next to Ceres?

His friends and disciples called him Rabbi. Jupiter, at the degree of the great attractor is about to enter the house of education as the teacher-Rabbi, but not for a while yet. First the business of the interception needs to be resolved. Cancer Moon went void when she trined Uranus in mutual agreement with Neptune, ruling Pisces. It seems what they wanted most was a strong king who would come onto the scene, take charge and do it all for them. (Saturn in his detriment in Leo intercepted) But the King, Sun is in his detriment being in the sign of what is best for all concerned. While it's nice to be the star, it may not further the evolutionary growth to continue to let others depend on you for what they can and must learn to do for themselves. You see, he said we all are gods. He said he came to show us the way so that we can be at-one.

The theme of Leo/Aquarius is centralization vs distribution; learning to take credit for where we deserve to shine while realizing that all we've accomplished is based on what has come before. We are all a part of the big picture. What I can do is possible because of what I've learned from those that came before me. Both Sun and Saturn being in mutual reception with each other isn't much of a strength because Saturn should be happy being a part of the group rather that being center stage, autonomous. Sun shines best when he is center stage but is tring to be anonymous, hiding in the crowd.

Saturn in Leo in the house of authority trine Pluto in the sign of religion and the house of thinking and communications says to me that there has been a misuse of power through interpretation of the word in order to create fear as a tool for power and control of the masses. This chart says that because of the interception there is a deficiency or lack in 5/11 that is projected onto the service/charity axis of 6/12. Since the Pisces side has been pretty well covered, I'd say the deficiency is on the Mercury/Virgo side. That makes sense if certain facts have been withheld. For example, did you know that the only word for husband in the Hebrew language is baal. Yes, the false god of the Old Testament. Baal means master, slave owner, husband and is Bel, Jupiter in Babylonian tradition. And Satan? That is prounounced sa-tan' in Hebrew. It means the accusor or adversary. He was never called the devil as far as I can tell. That was added much later. And in Revelation when Jesus says he is the bright morning star? That is Lucifer, Venus as the morning star. But our Christian fathers, my grandfather turned Lucifer into the devil. If it wasn't for the writer of Revelation adding a curse to the last chapter to keep anyone from cutting anything out, that little piece of gold might have been lost forever.
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