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Re: Was Jesus the 'person' that christian orthodox religion claims to have been or no

Hi Radu,
first of all, thanks for your enlightment here, I think that you interpreted the chart in a ...magical easy way!and for posting it as paradigm of horary.And you give us many good information to learn.
The question just hit me. Actually the Venus at 5 Pisces is very close to my asc in 6,45---it is possible that I may have been born 5-10 minutes earlier from what my mother has told me.
I just have to explain more what is behind this question...

To me the reference in your question to the Christian Orthodox religion is irrelevant, as by definition God is the only the final destination, and every religion is actually merely showing the path to there. Also, the understanding on the nature of God is beyond the claims of a religious person or another, as it is mostly (99.99%) an understanding that comes from within, from your soul and not from your mind.

While I was asking, I had in my mind the religious authority's claim, you re right as you are right in the point of ressuraction on which Jesus was proved. I mean that I was taught that the church based on this fact-ressuraction-is giving Jesus the mission as Son of God. SO he is quided and inspired by the holy spirit and the three of them are the trinity. For this story, then Jesus is not human but a creature that have been embodied to bring the HIGHER TRUTH to generations and that holy trinity exists both apart and as whole.
As you are doctor, I bet you know that the capabilities of the brain are unexplored so for me a human with higher knowledge and gift may have been able to do extraordinary things and live with love and suffer.
I really love to hear someone say God is within us.
What I challenge most in the religion authority is the denial of metensarkosis, past lives and next lives cause it ruines the foundations of this life toward christianity basic theoryand rules. They don't accepted it as they have been taught by Jesus word. But I believe that Jesus words are misunderstood and misinterpreted.
Per example, Am I sin that I study astrology? No for me, Yes for them.
That is why I started from finding the significator for religion. But I quess..I want to solve a mystery keep holding ages..!
I read your answer many times as your uncoding of this chart was wonderful but a small part of me says that it might this chart has something more to reveal.Please if you have time, see if the Sun has anything new to give towards info.


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