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Was Jesus the 'person' that christian orthodox religion claims to have been or not?

Hi all,
I don't know if anybody had allready asked that in horary but let's give it a try... cause it always bothers my mind as I am raised in this religion but I always have a more 'universal' feeling for whose God is right. What if he was human in the highest octave?
(Of course I must admit that christian orthodox religion describes Jesus with asserting much love-some personal thoughts here..)
I will first post the data and come back for some interpretations...
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I am sorry, I only know how to zip image in order to post it..
The moon is in Cancer in its dignity even though is VOC, it deserves an answer with Spica on the ASC.
Moon conjucts MC from the 9th, that's a positive sign, what do you think?I would say that the dogma of religion is in 9th and mercury is significator for religion. Go for yes..
But who is for Jesus?
If we take him as a leader should be Saturn? Then Saturn opposes mercury which is dissapointing, but they are received by terms..:59:
If we take Jesus as Jupiter in the sign that has dignity Sagit., he is in 2nd house for expanding our beliefs' system.And I only see applying aspect with Sun-leaders intercepted in house 4th in the intercepted axis of Leo-Aquarious...
POF is in 7th for astrologers, so it might getting somewhere with some help from you.
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