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When is the Time of the Second Coming?

NOTE: I have edited the date, see below...
23rd August 2006 6pm Tripolis GRC
Chart is radical to my surprise as such questions are not easy.
I asked the question and I am represented by Saturn (which is also my natal planet by coincidence). I consider the second coming as a 10th house question so Venus is the significator, and I consider this as being Jesus.
Moon is in fixed sign and succeedent house so time of the event is in YEARS.
I consider the event to occur when Venus meets Saturn to be when I will be enlightened by Jesus. This will occur in 3 years and 9 months approx.
The second coming I consider when Jesus (Venus) meets the MOON (the people) in 15 degrees, ie in 15 YEARS, in 2021. (2006+15=2021) approx.

Worth noting a few things here.
Consider the Moon representing the people of the world. The Sun being The Father (God). Note the Moon is getting combust, a highly malefic situation is unfolding upon us, and this within Regulus which has qualities of Mars or Jupiter (Fall from Grace?)....
Mercury i consider as being the Holy Spirit. Both Saturn and Moon are in trine with Pluto! So the second coming is malefic for the world and Saturn.
Note also the significator of the 4th house (antichrist, opposite to 10th house) is Mars.
There is a way out of the malefic situation for us all, by a mutual reception between Mercury and Sun, which will bring Mercury on Mars, (The Spirit will catch the antichrist) and could save the world....I am sure the Holy Bible tells us what this entails..

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