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What is this meaning???

What does a Sun with Rahu in Aries mean in the sixth house of navamsha?? the Sun is at 7 Rahu is at 0 in the nakshatra aswhwini, or Bharani if you go forward a nakshatra, because it's by navamsha, a single degree can mean a lot. Ketu is in 12th.
I'm currently in the Rahu-Sun MAHADASHA of the Vimshottari Mahadasha. I feel basically like I'm dying, every single day. I really need help and some advice. I'm pretty housebound.
Will this cause permanent damage to my career? Reputation.. I hope not surely. What does this mean?

I thought that a Sun in Aries was supposed to be incredible, but this is not. Why?? Is it down to Rahu being so close to my Sun and therefore occulting it? If Sun is in glory, doesn't it escape the eclipse somehow? Or, if it is coming after Rahu and thus does it escape the eclipse? Or is that just my fanciful thinking.

The navamsha Lagna is Scorpio; also what does this mean for the tenth house -the sign Leo occupies) and the career? Is it a good thing?? Or is it bad? I cannot even understand this basic thing. Is it some type of curse or Pitru Dosh, a curse of the ancestors?
If it is these things...perhaps somebody with a little bit more experience could explain these that I know what I'm dealing with or, what even to expect. I'm kind of in the dark about this whole thing,literally.
Thanks so much.

P.S. I should note that Leo is my ascendant Sign in the birth chart. And the Sun is also placed there.

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