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Re: Mercury MD & Venus AD for Scorpio Ascendant

Not that much worst as you said its good only just a temporary issues only you have very good combinations in chart which gonna take high in life after some stage . for scorpio its unwritten law that person has to suffer disgrace in some period of life . because mars holds 1st and 6th mercury holds 8th and 11th gives problems in health finance career friends and gains . many scorpio lag had a miserable life in early stage our pm modi itself example for that . so dnt worry coming dasa are nice

sat rahu in 10th gives changes bitter experience in career from office politics to defamation it goes many . your 10th lord is also in 12th aspected by sat mars so it gives troubles either they fire you or yourself comes out . also 10th lord in movable sign many changes travel related job . no fixed profession . watch out your co workers may act against you and pull your leg. 6th lord in 9th gives fluctuating career . sun is deb its in enemy sign aspected by malefic is not good for leadership roles . infact it gives bad image on you to others . even you say in good way your subordinates takes wrong and fights with you . you have gaja kesari yoga but its afflicted . mars is close to sat and rahu this is also another reason for unstable professional life .

this mercury dasa you will have many changes reg career home mother health problems medical expenditure to father etc . but you get gains from wife sure you enjoy all physical pleasures in venus dasa . along with good home and profession you will have palatial house with all comforts . since sat aspecting 7th wife may be arrogant at times and sickly but married life never breaks in fact she is your greatest strength both of them loves each other . on contrary your wife prof is good . her financial contribution helps you lot . at same time her over spending habit makes you mad . since sadesatti is going on for quarius rasi there will be expenditure uncontrolled quarrels with family members one after another falls sick wife too troubles but in the everything will be fine since sat sits in his own house so before going he fixes everything . since 12th lord in lagna with 8th lord you have to spend money on your health lot as well as for wife comforts . till 2023 your professional life suffers after 2024 it gradually increases . venus dasa is golden period of your life . you get success all sides .

You can ask further if any doubts you have ?

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