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Mercury MD & Venus AD for Scorpio Ascendant

Hello Astrologers,

Can someone please elaborate how does the time period go for Scorpio Ascendant if running under Mercury MD and Venus AD. Mercury holds 7 degree and Venus Zero degree and both planets are DIRECT and not COMBUST. Both planets are situated in 1st house (Scorpio Ascendant).

Some more details:

Mars (in Cancer-4th house| 28 degree)
Jupiter/Saturn/Rahu (in Leo-10th house)
Sun- (Libra- 12th house)
Moon/Ketu (Aquarius)

My personal experience of Mercury MD so far:

Professional life:

-Not holding leading position anymore.
-Changed the Job and City and got into Travelling job
-Learning new stuff with lot of reading but not able to make any good
-No good relationship with Boss/colleagues
-Frustration/Depression/Anxiety/Expenditure/Money loss/Bad deals and
many more

Personal Life:

-Not good, clash with wife/mother/daughter.
-Good relation with Brother/Father/Friends.
-Met with couple of very old friends.
-Isolation/Injuries in feet.
-Diagnosed with severe depression. No other health issue so far.

Now my Mercury-Ketu MD ended and entering into Mercury-Venus Dasha. I am keen to know if there would be any hope or things will bet the same or even worst.

Any other insight/reading/analysis please share accordingly.

Thanks in advance,
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